Performance Digital Marketing and Sales


The performance marketing and promotion of goods and services via numerous websites and a network of social media sites that are supplemented via an affiliate network.


Publishing of written, audio & visual content including blogs, articles, short stories and corporate information sheets. Content is the biggest driver of traffic on the internet.


eCommerce platforms operating Buy Now, Auction, Bulk Sales and Speciality Sales to consumers of sourced merchandise and third party goods & services.

The Sellfast Group provides opportunities for the successful digital marketing, promotion and sales of goods and services by Merchants, Businesses and Private Sellers within the consumer marketplace.

With a carefully designed structure of numerous web and social media sites, Sellfast delivers outcomes directly and indirectly for Merchants, Businesses of all sizes and Private Sellers. We undertake a complete service from the enhancement of business profiles to delivering performance ways of selling and promoting goods and services to consumers.

Working within three vital areas that greatly affect business online performance РAdvertising, Publishing  and eCommerce РSellfast provides many of its services on a performance basis.

Through a plethora of our own sites together with those of our affiliates, Sellfast is a digital publisher of online advertising.

Digital Advertising now outstrips TV Advertising both nationally and worldwide. For example, in the UK over 60% of all advertising spend is now in Digital Advertising – the highest such rate in the world.

Specialising in digital advertising, Sellfast works across a diverse range of digital platforms as well as in numerous niche areas of consumer and individual interest.

This enables advertising to be targeted from the more broad-brush approach of enhancing a Brand to particular niche and specialist products areas; and from generating additional traffic for online sales to increasing shop footfall within a local area.

The publishing of online content (whether in written, audio or visual form) is often crucial to the successful promotion and sales of goods and services.

Sellfast provides publishing platforms for online content that can be used to supplement and re-enforce Merchants’ positions.

Create Content that Gets Results: Publish Content to Drive Engagement, Boost Sales, Generate Leads and Energise Employees.

Many businesses struggle to generate online sales from their own websites.  Sellfast provides online sales platforms designed especially for selling goods and services to consumers.

While some well-known online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have become prohibitively expense charging around 15% of sales value, Sellfast maintains cost-effective and much cheaper-to-use online sales platforms.

Promotions, Draws, Competitions and Sponsorships maintain a growing consumer audience. Fulfilment services are available subject to terms and location.

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